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Catz International is a Dutch trading house involved in a diverse portfolio of spices, coconut products, edible nuts, dried fruits, and dehydrated vegetables & herbs.

We successfully aim to bridge the needs of customers and suppliers across the globe by focusing on quality, reliability, and service. Our mission is to supply our customers with quality raw materials at the right price and at the right time.

Catz International closely monitors developments in the global market. We manage supply risks and ensure quality and timely delivery. We source from selected and audited partners around the globe. Because of our presence in the port of Rotterdam we are able to provide strategic storage and transport to our partners.

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Catz International was established by the Catz brothers in 1856. Initially, Catz International traded primarily in spices from Indonesia. However, over time Catz International has developed and expanded its portfolio and geographical spread of suppliers all over the globe. Since 1982 we are proudly part of the Amsterdam commodities (Acomo) group and listed on the stock-exchange in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Today, the office of Catz International in Rotterdam is the beating heart of a modern trading company generating over €300 million in annual sales.

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Catz International has developed in the past one and a half century an impressive global network. We have expanded our portfolio in different product categories as, among others spices, coconut products, dehydrated vegetables & herbs, dried fruit and nuts in order to better cater the demand of the food industry. Nowadays, we are connected with a wide range of preferred suppliers within Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas to be able to meet all our customers’ needs.

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Coconut products

Coconut products

Edible nuts

Edible nuts

Dried fruits

Dried fruits

Dehydrated vegetables & herbs

Dehydrated vegetables & herbs

"We believe that these services put our partners at a competitive advantage."


Catz International is fully dedicated to supplying our customers a comprehensive set of services. We believe that these services put our partners at a competitive advantage.

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Risk management

Today’s international food business industry is full of potential pitfalls. Catz International helps to minimize and even eliminate risks by guaranteeing proper and timely execution of contracts even in the most difficult market situations and uncertainties.

Quality assurance

Quality has always been a top priority at Catz International. With a strong focus on sourcing the best qualities, managing full traceability and fully integrating quality control in our supply chain, we are in a unique position to supply even to the most demanding buyers in the industry.


Catz International has a strong focus on logistical performances. Just-in-time delivery from strategic warehouse locations allows our customers to fully concentrate on lean manufacturing with minimal inventory. This way, our customers can optimize their cash flow and reduce costs without the risk of supply disruption.


Stay up-to-date on market developments with these market reports prepared by our market experts.

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CatZinfo 24/2/2017

CatZinfo 24/2/2017

After a stormy night in Holland, which even caused closing down the port of Rotterdam yesterday 23/2, we may inform you about some windy markets for dried fruits and nuts. Rains in Chile and South-Africa have caused some firmness in the new crop offers for dried fruits, being partly on the drying fields. Higher humidity […]

CatZinfo -Dried Fruits & walnuts

CatZinfo -Dried Fruits & walnuts

Together with the start of the dried fruits of the 2017 crop from the Southern Hemisphere now entering in the markets, we see a lot of activities in most of our products. Apparently sales have been good and together with a more optimistic view on the future, now most economies foresee a substantial growth, we […]

All around we hear the December sales have been good and we notice actually from January 2nd a surprisingly substantial interest for both spot material as for positions later in the year. Most markets have not moved too much in the last weeks due to the holidays, but we expect somewhat more excitement in the […]


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