We help bridging the needs of our partners by closely monitoring global market developments, offering expertise that eliminates risks, and delivering a choice selection from approved sources. Our traders constantly update their knowledge through daily contact with major spice growers and suppliers across the globe. Experts who speak the local language are frequently on the spot in spice producing areas. As a result, they are always aware of current market conditions and ready to supply our customers with crucial information at any time.

Stay up-to-date on market developments with these market reports prepared by our market experts.


31 March 2017


Now the Brexit-procedure has officially started, we have to see what is the impact specifically for us on the trade of nuts and dried fruits. If within 2 years no agreement will be made, the British importers cannot enjoy some favourable import duties as elaborated by the EU with other countries. Also the EU-export into […]

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10 March 2017

CatZinfo – Dried Fruits & walnuts

The raisin and prune crops on the Southern Hemisphere are in and looking goods apart from some details, for which we may well refer to the specific sections below. Most shippers have announced their first prices, though  limited number is still holding back as they wish to see the outcome of the selection of the […]

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24 February 2017

CatZinfo 24/2/2017

After a stormy night in Holland, which even caused closing down the port of Rotterdam yesterday 23/2, we may inform you about some windy markets for dried fruits and nuts. Rains in Chile and South-Africa have caused some firmness in the new crop offers for dried fruits, being partly on the drying fields. Higher humidity […]

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10 February 2017

CatZinfo -Dried Fruits & walnuts

Together with the start of the dried fruits of the 2017 crop from the Southern Hemisphere now entering in the markets, we see a lot of activities in most of our products. Apparently sales have been good and together with a more optimistic view on the future, now most economies foresee a substantial growth, we […]

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17 January 2017

All around we hear the December sales have been good and we notice actually from January 2nd a surprisingly substantial interest for both spot material as for positions later in the year. Most markets have not moved too much in the last weeks due to the holidays, but we expect somewhat more excitement in the […]

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19 December 2016

CatZinfo – Dried Fruits

Last year showed (again) our trade remains rather unpredictable as far as pricing and availability of products are concerned. Important parameters such as weather and currencies simply cannot be influenced and act sometimes unexpected. Of course the “El Nino” phenomena was expected, but that it would cause record low crops of for example Chilean walnuts […]

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2 December 2016

CatZinfo – Dried Fruits and Nuts

The crazy weeks have started: lots of interest for last-minute deliveries, where several products are rather limited available. The high prices of previous season made buyers cover very carefully and consequently stocks can hardly meet demand for immediate delivery. The dollar has been more or less stable against the euro after the surprising victory of […]

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18 November 2016

CatZinfo – Dried Fruits

After the election of Mr. Trump a few things changed in the currencies. The dollar firmed by another 2% whereas the Turkish Lira lost considerable ground and facing an all-time low of 3,39 making Turkish products more competitive. Busy times for the spot traders: it seems a lot of products are in short supply: bananachips, […]

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28 October 2016

CatZinfo – Dried Fruits & nuts

The basics of trading have not changed in the last weeks: emphasis on spot buying and selling and – with a few exceptions – low activities for the forward positions. Supply from Asia is delayed and consequently stock positions in Europe low, so buyers trying to secure quantities before the important Christmas season. This was […]

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7 October 2016

CatzInfo – Dried Fruits

Demand for spot is substantial: buyers have waited as long as possible because prices of several products are lower than last season. But also importers have taken very carefully positions and consequently available stocks are running low. Those who are ordering now, come at the end of the line and either have to pay a […]

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