Catz International was founded in 1856 by the Catz brothers by opening a grocery store. This first shop of the Catz brothers was established in Groningen, the Netherlands. The operations expanded rapidly in the subsequent decades and the company opened a New York branch in 1916. One year later the Dutch headquarters moved from Groningen to Rotterdam, a major commercial center in Western-Europe.

Spice trade with the former Dutch East Indies (i.e. Indonesia) was by that time already of a major focus for Catz International. As a result, the Catz Java Trading Company was established in former Batavia (i.e. Jakarta) in 1918. In addition, branches were opened in Padang, Macassar and Teluk Betung.

Besides spices, the brothers Catz developed their business in canned goods and dried fruits. This diversification strategy resulted in the opening of an office in San Francisco in 1927. Shortly after World War II, Catz International opened an office in Singapore, which had developed to the major trading hub for Indonesian produce.

During the mid-sixties Catz International made the strategic decision to centralize all trading, logistic and administrative activities in Rotterdam. Afterwards, in 1982 a reverse takeover of Amsterdam Rubber by Catz International resulted in the establishment of the Amsterdam Commodities (Acomo) Group. This strategic decision added both expertise and substantial profitability to the synergy of the Group. The Acomo group is listed on the stock exchange.

Today, Catz International is a modern trading company generating over €300 million in annual sales. Our trading experts source and distribute a wide range of raw materials and food products to and from over 80 countries across the globe.