Catz Charity Foundation

The Catz Charity Foundation was founded after the deadly tsunami in 2004 with the objective to channel individual initiatives of Catz employees and stakeholders. The foundation focuses on small-scale projects with reliable partners and minimal overhead costs to ensure that as much as possible of what is donated reaches those who need it.

The Catz Charity Foundation supports several local organizations with financial and material donations. Many of the projects help young people develop skills that enable them to build their future and become self-supporting.

One of the main criteria the Catz Charity Foundation observes is that the entire amount of any financial contribution must be devoted to the projects, with no unnecessary overheads. This entails direct involvement in the projects, without intermediaries or administrators. We work exclusively with reliable project partners who are known to us personally.

Multiple Catz International staff members devote their time to the administration of the Catz Charity Foundation on a voluntary basis. We publish an annual newsletter to inform our sponsors and supporters about the various Catz Charity Foundation projects.

In recent years the foundation has supported a.o. the following projects:

  • Orphanages and a school in Kenya run by the Blessed Generation organization. The Catz Charity Foundation has worked with this organization for a long time and supports these orphanages as they strive to become self-supporting;
  • An agriculture project started by the organization Silent Work that helps children in Africa to create a future. Donations of a farm wagon and agricultural tools help to provide food and teach the children about farming methods;
  • A rehabilitation program in India for young people with leprosy started by the Lepra Zending organization. The program finances the study costs of eight young people, giving them a chance to learn a profession and find a job in Indian society;
  • Financing computers, furniture, sewing machines and books for a new skill center in India developed by Stichting Ladder. Underprivileged youth can get training in this center to develop the skills they need to find a job;
  • Donations to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) for their work in Africa on fighting diseases such as malaria and Ebola;

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