As a Dutch company we completely understand the needs of our partners to secure a safe supply in compliance with food safety regulations. Our dedicated quality team has full knowledge about the latest food safety regulations of, among others, the European Commission and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Catz International is a member of the European Spices Association (ESA) and actively participates in meetings to tackle industry needs and concerns. We consider food safety control of our utmost concern to globally protect our final consumers.

Catz International relies on a wide range of systems and procedures in order to secure the standards the food industry requires. At all levels of our business, we review, evaluate and adjust our operations through a regular program of internal audits. As a result of this continuous improvement program, we are able to deliver the high-quality products and services that our customers require.

Catz International is certified with the standards of NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008, SKAL, EDI, EAN DAS and implemented HACCP. Our structured and verified operations help us to optimize our approach towards food safety compliance and taking responsibility.