Catz International has a strong focus on logistical performances. Due to our expertise and presence in the port of Rotterdam we are able to provide strategic storage and transport to our partners within as well outside of the European Union. As we maintain buffer stocks in our warehouses we can supply year round continuous supply. By supplying just-in-time we allow our customers to fully concentrate on lean manufacturing with minimal inventory. This way, our customers can optimize their cash flow and reduce costs without the usual risk of supply disruptions.

Catz International aims to supply optimal logistical performances by applying several strategies:

  • Buffer stock positions are maintained in various strategic locations in and outside Europe;
  • Our dedicated warehouses are fully certified according to the American Institute of Baking (AIB) standards;
  • Tailor-made delivery allow our customers a choice, from single pallets to full/combined container loads;
  • Strong expertise on international documentation requirements minimizes the risk of supply delays;
  • Very competitive freight rates can be achieved on both sea freight and inland tariffs due to the large volumes of our business.