Quality assurance

Catz International has developed a comprehensive set of strategies in order to guarantee compliance with customer quality specifications. Our quality team and traders have a strong focus on sourcing the best qualities, managing full traceability and fully integrating quality control in our supply chain. As a result, we are in a unique position to supply even more strict customer specific requirements on top of common industry requirements.

Catz International safeguards the quality of supply by applying several strategies:

  • Full-time on-site presence of local and Dutch Catz International representatives in the spices origins of Vietnam and India;
  • Our material is sourced strictly from selected suppliers who are monitored and audited on a regular basis;
  • Food safety and quality are constantly monitored at in-house and external accredited laboratories, both in origin and at final destination;
  • Standards and food safety are maintained throughout the supply chain;
  • We are certified against BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers – Achieved Grade AA;
  • Our traceability protocol ensures that products can be located and traced at all times;
  • International quality standards such as ISO and HACCP are implemented throughout our supply chain.