Risk management

The dynamic international agrifood sector is related to a wide set of challenges. Catz International helps to minimize and even eliminate risks for our customers by guaranteeing proper and timely execution of contracts even in the most difficult situations.

Catz International has developed a comprehensive set of strategies to mitigate different types of risks for our partners:

  • Daily pro-active analyses of the market;
  • Local and Dutch representatives in the important spices countries of Vietnam and India;
  • Extensive food safety control before and after shipment from country of origin;
  • Fully implemented quality management system under ISO 9001;
  • Strong and dispersed supply base to secure a steady source of supply;
  • Buffer stocks in order to be able to supply irrespective of external factors;
  • Catz International is a 100% subsidiary of ACOMO and listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange; Because of our strong transparent and unique financial position, we can eliminate financial as well currency risks depending on the needs of our partners.